On the 24th of November the Parliament approved the EU Budget for 2022. The Parliament secured better support for health, research, climate action, SMEs and the young.

MEPs have obtained in total €479.1 million for its priorities, on top of what the Commission proposed in the draft budget. The Parliament was successful in increasing funding for programmes and policies that contribute to the post-pandemic recovery.


Particularly noteworthy are the increases for:

  • the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI – Global Europe) (+€190 million with a particular focus on fighting the pandemics, including through vaccinations);
  • the Horizon Europe research programme (+€100 million);
  • the environment and climate action LIFE programme (+€47.5 million);
  • Erasmus+ (+€35 million);
  • EU4Health (+€51 million);
  • the Single Market Programme (+€30 million);
  • Creative Europe (€5.5 million);
  • the Citizens’ Rights and Values programme (+€5.5 million).

Overall, it amounts to €169.5 billion in commitment appropriations and €170.6 billion in payment appropriations.

For more information, please visit the European Commission’s website.


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