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Date(s) - 10/03/2020
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Over the last years, the Secretariat has been receiving several instances of organisations who would like to join us but who don’t quite meet the membership criteria as currently stated in Article 6 of the Eurodiaconia Statutes. However, they are concerned with Diaconia but it may not be the primary aim of their work. Against this context, the Supervisory Board has been discussing potential new forms of membership.

The Supervisory Board is proposing that Eurodiaconia creates two new categories of membership: Associate Members; Individual Supporters. If you wish to consult the Statutes, please refer to the latest Update for Members or e-mail our Senior Communications and Membership Officer Antonio La Mantia at

It should be noted that any changes to the membership criteria will require changes to the Eurodiaconia Statutes, which will require a two-thirds majority vote in favour at the upcoming AGM. The purpose of this letter is to outline the new possible scenarios discussed and approved by the Eurodiaconia Supervisory Board.

It is recognised that such a change to the membership structure may raise questions among existing members and for that reason we want to give members plenty of time to consider the proposal and discuss it with the Supervisory Board and the Secretariat in advance of the AGM.  For that reason, we are now sharing with you the proposed changes to the statutes relating to the new membership proposals  We have also organised a webinar on the 10th of March at 2.30 pm (CET) where the changes will be explained and any questions can be answered. Please register for the webinar on New Membership and Statutes Changes here.

If you cannot make the webinar but have questions please do not hesitate to contact our Senior Communications and Membership Officer Antonio La Mantia at  who can arrange another opportunity.