We would like to congratulate our member the Helsinki Deaconess Institute with the 108th birthday of their oldest Deaconess, Gunnel Stenbäck, of the Sisterhood of the Deaconess Institute. It also makes her the oldest person in Finland. Her journey with the Deaconess Institute lasts 88 years and is still ongoing.

Gunnel Stenbäck became a student at the Deaconess Institute in 1934 and was ordained a deaconess in 1943. She represents the Sister Home tradition of the Deaconess Institute and its continuity. She was born in the Grand Duchy of Finland in 1914 during the time of Nicholas II. During her lifespan, she has witnessed the world’s most historical events. From two world wars to Finland’s independence, from the cold war to space travel, and all the way up to the invention of the internet. A truly remarkable journey!

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Photo by Vesa Tyni.