On the occasion of FEP National Days 2018, our French member Fédération de l’Entraide Protestante (FEP) rewarded the most relevant projects run over the last year by its member organisations in the field of health care and the social sector.

The first prize (8.000 euros) was awarded to the association “3aMIE”, working with unaccompanied minors excluded from national welfare in Grenoble. The FEP first prize will allow the organisation to make the project permanent, as well as to provide with accommodation more than 25 young minors.

The second prize (6.000 euros) was handed over to the diaconal organisation “Marhaban” for its project aimed at developing the educational skills and parental autonomy of parents of newcomer families in Lille. The third prize (6.000 euros) was awarded to “The House of sharing ABEJ” for strengthening citizenship and active inclusion through different weekly activities in Lille.

To know more on the 2018 awards, please read FEP news.

Our French member Fédération de l’entraide protestante (FEP) brings together 350 associations and foundations working in the field of health care social and health care sector. Working on a daily basis to tackle poverty and social exclusion, FEP includes in its network about 1.000 establishments and services and 28.000 employees and volunteers. To learn more about our member, please visit FEP website.