Our Armenian member WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation (ART) is strengthening its commitment to providing humanitarian aid with new training courses in crisis management and rapid response to help victims of disasters.

The new ART training courses are organised within the framework of our member’s Capacity Building Program for local churches and social workers, as well as in close cooperation with the Academy of Crisis Management of the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The new training courses were launched last week, and brought together 26 representatives from ART staff from all regions of Armenia, in order to strengthen their skills in providing rapid response in conflicts and emergency situations, as well as community-based psychosocial support.

ART training courses are in line with international standards and regulations in response strategy, and cover topics such as the role of local churches in preventing and overcoming emergencies, communication strategies with public bodies in emergency situations, elaboration of evacuation plans and assessment of risks.

Over the last years, our member ART has developed a sound experience in providing help in emergency situations – such as during the earthquakes in the Armenian region of Tavoush, during local conflicts in the neighbour areas of Kessab and Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as through its work with Syrian refugees in Armenia.

To know more about the new ART initiative, please visit our member website.