MIKA, the podcast of the Diakonie Bayern in Germany, is about social policy, social economy, church and, yes, sometimes also the Diakonie. Every fortnight or so you can listen (German language only) to MIKA – wherever there are podcasts.

In the latest episode, our Policy and Membership Development Officer Stefan Kitzmann introduced the work of Eurodiaconia and its members in Europe. He talked about the challenges and opportunities to further strengthen a more Social Europe by developing EU-wide minimum social standards and to learn from each other. Amongst others, he touched upon the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan, the fight against child poverty, the need to further strengthen adequate minimum income schemes or the best practice example from Finland “Housing First” to overcome homelessness.

Even if it often takes a long time to find compromises and make progress at EU level, it is essential to continue our joint work for a strengthened Social Europe, which is always worth fighting for and which puts people at the centre. Something that the “Special Eurobarometer 509: Social Issues” released by the European Commission on March 1st clearly shows, as 88% of Europeans consider a “Social Europe” to be important to them personally (survey carried out between November and December 2020).

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