Recently, our Spanish member Nueva Vida has announced the upcoming opening of the first reception centre for minor migrants victims of human trafficking. The centre will be one of the few community centres in Spain targeting victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The project, which is being supported by regional funds, was officially presented to the regional government of Cantabria two weeks ago. Our member’s initiative was positively welcomed by the regional government of Cantabria, which has also been active in the field by launching awareness campaigns, as well as working on the development of a new protocol for victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Founded in 1998, our member Nueva Vida is currently employing 33 professionals and 52 volunteers to promote the development of social and civil rights for the most vulnerable groups. Besides its care services for women who are victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, the organisation is particularly active in prisons, offering residential care for inmates and carrying out reeducation programs. Nueva Vida is also committed to labour integration for people experiencing social exclusion as well as comprehensive care for refugees.


To know more about Nueva Vida’s new reception centre for victims of trafficking, please read our member’s news.