On 12th and 13th September, Eurodiaconia hosted its ‘Online Toolkit Meeting’ in Brussels, as part of the ongoing Erasmus+ project “Empower You(th)! Training of innovative models and methods in youth work”. In order to support young people in facing contemporary challenges such as multiculturalism, digitalization and social exclusion, the project aims to deliver youth workers with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences on how to best tackle today’s challenges.

The meeting brought together project leaders from the organisations participating in the project, including Svenska Kyrkan from Sweden, Kirkens Bymisjon from Norway, Diakonie Kosova from Kosovo, Slezská Diakonie from the Czech Republic, Diaconia Valdese from Italy and as a partner, the Armenia Round Table Foundation from Armenia.

The meeting provided the opportunity for the project team to discuss the ongoing development of the ‘Online Toolkit’, an accessible tool that will gather useful and important information developed throughout the project relating to models and methods of youth work, practical examples and case studies, and ways to innovate existing practices.

You can learn more about the Erasmus+ programme and its opportunities on the European Commission website.