On the occasion of the last International Women’s Day, our Spanish member Asociación Nueva Vida launched an awareness campaign named “Cuando Migran las Mujeres” (When Women Migrate).

With this campaign, Nueva Vida wants to emphasize on the women who migrate. Both those who flee armed conflicts or prosecution (refugees), as those who choose to leave their countries looking for a better life (migrants). They face a long journey deeply affected by a society-rooted phenomenon: gender inequality.

On a historical basis, the lack of data-centered around gender has practically made migrant women invisible. However, Nueva Vida observes that for example, Latin American women migrate more than men. In the case of Africa, as many men as women migrate, and in Eastern European countries, men migrate first, or the whole family moves at the same time. Therefore, one thing remains clear: Not only men migrate.

Migrant women often experience double discrimination given by the fact that they are migrants and women. This double vulnerability exposes women to a variety of dangers and difficulties that can make their integration project fail.


Please find more on Nueva Vida’s campaign on our member’s webpage.