Our German member Diakonie Michaelshoven has partnered with the public authorities in the German city of Köln to support and protect women in vulnerable life situations. 

Following the COVID lockdowns, many women found themselves locked with abusive husbands or other hostile family members. To relieve the situation the local government in Köln has provided five apartments for housing victims. Before entering the facility women are put under 14-day quarantine and provided with counselling services by our member Diakonie Michaelshoven. The purpose of the preliminary conversation is to establish the needs of the potential residents so as to help them in the best possible way.

The counselling sessions are provided by the staff of the diaconia’s “Turning Point” service – a women counselling service which aims to assist women in fragile situations related to family conflicts, divorce, separations, stalking, domestic violence, financial problems, physical and psychological abuse, administrative and employment procedures. The consultations are available in German, Turkish and English, interpreters are also available.


To learn more about the housing project and “Turning Point”, please visit our member’s website.