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Nearly 11% of the European Union’s population faces a situation of energy poverty. They are not able to adequately heat their homes at an affordable cost.

European Antipoverty Network (EAPN) and European Public Service Union (EPSU) have recently released a joint leaflet to further explain energy poverty and their work on the topic.

The new leaflet, presents EAPN and EPSU’s three core demands:

  1. The right to energy
  2. Regulated prices
  3. Ensure energy efficiency measures benefiting low-income households

Key recommendations include:

  • The Right to Energy for all by introducing concrete EU legislation banning discon­nections for vulnerable consumers at critical times.
  • To stop the phasing out of regulated prices in the energy sector for domestic house­holds and support social tariffs for vulnerable customers.
  • To assign an ambitious share of public investment in energy efficiency towards meas­ures targeting low income households ensuring no additional costs in housing or bills for these households.

Eurodiaconia partner EAPN, together with Housing Europe, the BPIE and Tamás Meszerics, member of the European Parliament, have recently released a comprehensive handbook, which explains this topic in depth and provide an analysis of this increasing phenomenon, which concerns between 10 and 25% of the European citizens. Good practices in terms of energy efficiency, awareness-raising, debt-advice and social tariffs are also included in the publication.

To know more about the right to energy, check EAPN and EPSU’s new leaflet.

To know more about energy efficiency, download the handbook.