We are delighted to present our 2014 Migration report titled, “Access to social and health services for migrants in Europe: overcoming the barriers”. This publication was presented to various EU decision makers in a report-launching reception on Thursday November 13th, 2014 at Eurodiaconia’s offices.

p.1 final migration report

In order to understand some of the major challenges migrants face in accessing their social rights in Europe, Eurodiaconia recently conducted research among its members as diaconal and church-related service providers of social and health services. By conducting in-depth research, Eurodiaconia was able to create this comprehensive document, reporting not only examples our members programmes and services supporting the inclusion and integration of migrants, but also summarising the key challenges these organizations and migrants face daily in accessing social and health services and finally making policy recommendations to overcome these challenges.

To see the full version of the report, please visit this link.