European_Commission.svgEuropean citizens have a number of important rights attached to their EU citizenship status, such as the right to move and reside freely in the EU; or the right to vote and stand as a candidate in European and municipal elections in another EU country where you live, under the same conditions as citizens of that country.

However, for some EU citizens, these rights are easier to exercise than for others. Roma, in particular, are at risk of facing discrimination and unequal treatment even as legitimate citizens of EU member states.

The European Commission recently launched a public consultation to gather citizens’ opinions as well as experiences on matters relating to EU citizenship rights, common values and democratic participation. Both for civilians and for civil society organisations, the consultation offers an opportunity to share their perspective on what more the European Commission could do to facilitate the exercise of EU rights.  Only a few questions are mandatory, so individuals and organisations are free to choose to respond to the questions that are most relevant to them.

You can fill out the questionnaire online until 7 December 2015 at