Our member The Church of Scotland’s Moderator has signed a joint statement along with other church leaders from across the United Kingdom to urge after-Brexit reconciliation.

In the statement, the ten leaders underline how churches in Britain have been enriched and influenced by the Christian tradition in Europe for centuries, and will continue to play a central role as part of the worldwide church.

With this statement, the church leaders do not only urge the British society to work for reconciliation in view of the challenges that lie ahead but also reaffirm their churches’ commitment to supporting EU citizens in the UK and congregations and partners abroad.

The open statement also affirms: “We will continue to pursue the concerns we share with you, to ensure the welfare of all citizens and that our Governments are held to account for issues about security, freedom and the sharing of prosperity.

“We will continue to remain committed to the principles of solidarity, that have bound us together for many years and to which we must hold fast in a time of increasing xenophobia, religious discrimination, wealth inequality, and national self-interest.”

The statement ends with a call to prayer for the future.

To know more about the commitment of churches to after-Brexit reconciliation, read the full statement in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Czech.