On the 17th of October, our member the Armenian Round Table Foundation held a meeting titled “Boys’ Preference and Girls’ Inferiority in Armenia and the Church. The event, funded by the European Union in the framework of the Global Programme to Prevent Son Preference and the Undervaluing of Girls, saw the participation of United Nations Populations Funds’ officials, clergymen, and youth.

The meeting aimed at raising awareness on the impact of gender and birth control in the Armenian population, as well as giving clergymen the tools to identify and face this issue at the parish level.

Karen Nazaryan, Armenia Round Table Foundation’s Executive Director, pointed out “The Foundation constantly implements programs aimed at improving family welfare, preventing domestic violence and ensuring prosperity in the country. In this regard, the main implementers of the Round Table programs are the priests of the Armenian Apostolic Church. They preach in the communities, meet with families, and work with them side by side.”

In the second part of the conference, Marianna Apresyan, Lecturer at the Gevorkian Theological Seminary, has also delivered a report on “The Impact of Cultural Perceptions on the Boy’s Preference in Armenia“.


To know more about this event on gender control in Armenia, check our member’s website.