Early today, Eurodiaconia has published its first policy paper translated into Easy-To-Read language.

The publication titled “User involvement as a pathway to social inclusion” was published by Eurodiaconia in December 2018 and it is aimed at providing members and stakeholders with concrete examples of projects which are successfully using user involvement to empower vulnerable users and lead them towards social inclusion and independent lives.

The mapping is a collection of 7 Eurodiaconia members’ projects run in 6 different countries for people experiencing extreme poverty and social exclusion. With this publication, Eurodiaconia renews its commitment to make its communications more accessible for people with intellectual disabilities and to inspire other organisations within and outside its network to develop innovative ways of involving their users and staff with disabilities.

This new translation comes after the publication of the 2018 Eurodiaconia Annual Report in Easy-To-Read language last spring, and it is part of its communications plan aimed at making its communications tools more perceivable, understandable, operable and fully accessible within the next 3 years.


To browse our members’ projects on social inclusion, check our ETR publication “Helping people in need to be part of the community.”

To find out more about our work in 2018, check our Easy-To-Ready Annual Report.