Social and Healthcare Network Meeting 2024

11th-12th July 2024, Stuttgart, Germany

(Member-only event with invited guest speakers)

Social and Healthcare Network Meeting 2024 is jointly organized by Eurodiaconia and Evangelische Heimstiftung GmbH Stuttgart. 


This year’s gathering promises to be an invaluable opportunity for Eurodiaconia members and professionals in the field to come together and address critical issues in the long-term care sector. 


This year’s theme is Navigating Workforce Challenges in Long-Term Care: Recruitment, Retention, and Best Practices Exchange.

As the demand for quality long-term care continues to rise, we recognize the importance of tackling the workforce challenges faced by the sector. The meeting will revolve around insightful discussions on: 

  • Workforce Challenges: Explore the current landscape of challenges in the long-term care sector and discuss innovative solutions to address them. 
  • Recruitment Strategies: Share successful recruitment practices and learn about effective strategies to attract skilled and passionate professionals to your team. 
  • Retention Best Practices: Delve into the factors influencing staff retention and discover proven methods to foster a supportive and engaging work environment. 
  • Diversity Management: Exchange ideas on how foreign skilled workers can be well integrated into teams and how to create a good working environment for increasingly diverse employees. 
  • Exchange of Good Practices: Facilitate knowledge-sharing among participants, allowing for a rich exchange of ideas and successful initiatives that have positively impacted the workforce in various long-term care settings. 

This meeting is a unique opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, gain valuable insights, and contribute to the advancement of our collective mission to provide good quality care to persons in need.

Please click below to see practical information and the event programme. After the event, all presentations and slideshows will be available here.