szeretethid-logo-mrsz2On the 20-21 of May, thousands of volunteers will gather together in the Carpathian Basin for the 8th edition of SzeretethídReformed volunteer days of the Carpathian Basin.
Szeretethíd was established in 2008 by our member Magyarországi Református Egyház (Hungarian Reformed Church) and has seen a total of 16.000 participants, volunteering in more than 250 different places across the Basin.
The initiative aims to stimulate national debate around, and to advocate for, recognizing, facilitating, networking and promoting large-scale voluntary action.
During the two-day event, people from all over the country will have the chance to volunteer in the Region, meeting people in need, local volunteers and church members. A smart way to ”build a bridge of love” between the church and the society through community action.

Find out more about Szeretethíd here (HU).

Watch the 2013 Szeretethíd official video here.