Does your organisation help young adults with financial counselling? Does your organisation carry out education courses for young adults, helping them becoming more independent, successful individuals? If so, you may want to check out the “Consumer Classroom” website (formerly called Dolceta), and the corresponding guide Eurodiaconia has released explaining the website and the tools it offers.

Recently, research has been done by the Commission stating that many individuals in Europe, particularly young adults, are not aware of the impact their choices as consumers are having on their own future and the future of society as whole. In order to handle this issue and help young adults become more financially stable and independent, the Commission has created this comprehensive website with lesson plans available on every topic in consumer education (i.e. consumer rights, financial literacy, media/social media awareness, marketing techniques and effects, etc.). These lesson plans are formatted in many different ways (online quizzes, games, printable worksheets, etc.) and are available in many different EU languages for easy use all across the Union.