© Kofoeds Skole

Our member in Denmark, Kofoeds Skole (Kofoeds School), is raising funds through selling anniversary posters to commemorate it’s 90th year of existence. The design of the posters was inspired through a postal stamp from the 1970s, used at the time for people in Denmark to buy and put on their letters to show their sympathy and support to Kofoeds Skole.

Kofoeds Skole are selling their posters online, and the proceeds will be used to support the organisation’s social work projects. This fundraising idea will help to support Kofoeds Skole’s activities with socially vulnerable and excluded people in Denmark, and to address problems associated with long-term unemployment, social isolation and loneliness.

The Kofoeds Skole organisation was founded in Copenhagen in 1928, and has since opened a new department in Århus, Jutland. Our Danish member provides education, support workshops, counselling and guidance, and practical facilities such as a launderette, a library and a cafeteria. Their projects emphasise the role of education in developing people’s self-esteem and abilities, which they see as an ongoing opportunity for varied learning and development.

You can learn more about how to support Kofoeds Skole through the purchase of their posters on their website.