Last June, our Spanish member Diaconia España’s Iglesia Sin Fronteras has received 3,000 kilos of essential goods by the national supermarket chain Mercadona. The meal kits were distributed to dozens of low-income families in Madrid’s surrounding town of Villanueva del Pardillo.

Thanks to the excellent work which has been carried out by Iglesia Sin Fronteras and Mercadona, in cooperation with the local municipality, other companies will be able in the upcoming weeks to make donations that provide a guarantee of transparency and accountability.

The supermarket chain Mercadona cooperates with more than 300 community kitchens, food banks, and other social service providers in Spain and Portugal with daily food donations and regular food collection campaigns. During these hard times, the extra efforts to support people in need made by companies such as Mercadona are a virtuous example of responsible and sustainable business.

Without the support of volunteers, private donors, and companies, it would be hard for Spanish NGOs to respond to the health and social crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the reason why our member Diaconia España calls on the local and national authorities not to make fall the weight of the burden on civil society only and implement a coordinated response to the crisis.

Since the start of the pandemic, Diaconia España’s members have quintupled the distribution of basic goods. However, an urgent need remains for fresh products, diapers, and formula milk.


To know more about Diaconia España’s food collection and to make a donation, check their website.