umbrella and two armours with a boy and girl on themOn the 19th of August, the European Commission launched a public consultation on the Roadmap for the Child Guarantee – an initiative aimed at providing all children across Europe with access to basic services.

As part of the consultation process, Eurodiaconia and its partners from the EU Alliance for Investing in Children welcome the Commission’s intention to:

  • Launch the Child Guarantee in the form of a Council Recommendation.
  • Put in place multi-annual national strategies, covering at least the period until 2030.
  • Adopt Child Guarantee National Action Plans.
  • Reference EU funding instruments that will support the implementation of the Child Guarantee.
  • Broaden the categorisation of children in vulnerable situations tailored to each country’s needs.
  • Consult civil society for the design of the Child Guarantee.
  • Institute a rights-based approach in tackling child poverty.
  • Reference Principle 11 of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Our recommendations for future improvements of the initiative call on EU institutions to:

  • Propose that the multiannual strategies are built around the three pillars of the 2013 Investing in Children Recommendation.
  • Incorporate parents’ access to resources and children’s access to decision making in the Child Guarantee Council Recommendation.

In its feedback Eurodiaconia is also advocating for the inclusion of migrant, Roma and refugee children in the Child Guarantee.


For more information on Eurodiaconia’s feedback, please read the full document.

For more information on the position of the EU Alliance for Investing in Children, please visit their website.