Tharsis Betel is a Spanish not-for-profit charity organisation based in Cadiz (ES) and founded in the Christian faith in 2006 by representatives from the Missionary Evangelical Church Adulam and the Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain. Tharsis Betel is active in the Spanish Region of Andalucía in the fields of food and clothing banks, drug addiction, anti-trafficking, migration, and access to employment. It currently employs 25 full-time staff and approximately 70 permanent

Tharsis Betel is particularly committed to assisting those affected by human trafficking and extreme poverty, regardless of their race, gender, nationality, or religious affiliation.

Tharsis Betel provides the following services across Andalucía and Morocco:
• Food and clothing banks
• Anti-trafficking programmes
• Anti-child marriage programmes (Morocco)
• Labour market integration programmes for migrants and refugees
• Alcohol and drugs addiction treatment programs

Tharsis Betel is a member of several national networks such as Diaconia España; Cruz Roja; Cruz Blanca; Caritas Spain; Fundación Don Bosco.

In their application form Tharsis Betel state that they wish to have a membership of Eurodiaconia because: “Tharsis Betel wishes to be part of Eurodiaconia to learn from the experience of other   European Christian associations, share our achievements, access the funds provided for social actions, be a prominent voice that can contribute to developing new ideas, and share solidarity with other sister European associations”.


To know more about Tharsis Betel’s projects, please check the official webpage.