kirkon-diaconia-fi-logo2The Diaconia Barometer maps the opinions and experiences of diaconal workers on topical themes related to diaconal work. A survey questionnaire is sent to all diaconal workers of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF), and the results are used to complement the picture of congregational diaconal work painted by the annual statistics compiled by the ELCF’s Central Administration and the Four-Year Report published by the Church Research Institute. The Diaconia Barometer is not an exhaustive representation of congregational diaconal work, but it does provide information that can not be found to the same extent elsewhere.

Data for this 9th Diaconia Barometer was collected in February–March 2016. The questionnaire started with questions about the respondent’s background and continued then with questions regarding the underprivileged, community engagement, asylum seekers, iconic personalities in diaconal work, skills required in the future, management, and occupational safety. The survey was undertaken by the Finnish Society for Diaconal Research, the Diaconal Workers’ Association, and the Unit for Diaconal Work and Pastoral Care of the ELCF’s Central Administration.

The full report in Finnish is compiled by Ms. Titi Gävert. With a background in practical diaconal work, she also holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from the University of Helsinki, and is currently employed as a Specialist at the ELCF’s Church Administration.

Find the 2016 edition here.