church_of_scotland_logoThe Church of Scotland is one of the biggest entities providing high quality social care services around Scotland and the United Kingdom. On the occasion of its next CrossReach Week event in which the Church celebrates the service rendered to people in need, Rt Rev Angus Morrison – Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland – writes to the Scotsman explaining why care offered is ‘’love incarnate’’.

Rev Morrison says: ‘’Social care is a vital part of our society. Our commitment to human rights places a justified priority on equality, yet some people in Scotland today still face barriers which threaten to prevent them from participating as equals in the life of their community. Social care is about overcoming those barriers – whether illness, disability or another circumstance – so that everyone has choice about, and control over, the way they live their lives. For me, CrossReach Week is an opportunity to reflect on the phenomenal service being given by those working in social care.”

‘’Through CrossReach, the Church of Scotland has been involved in social care for nearly 150 years, evolving to meet the changing needs of our society. Many thousands of lives have been transformed by this dedicated and determined service, people have been enabled to contribute to, and enrich, their communities.’’

Read the full article here published in the Scotsman, one the main newspapers in Scotland.