hands with different skin tonesEarlier this month, the European Commission revealed “A Union of Equality” – an action plan aimed at combatting racism and discrimination across Member States which will be implemented between 2020-2025. In addition to EU legislation, the Commission will use such other means as Member States’ national law enforcement, media and civil society, EU tools and the Commission’s own human resources to tackle structural racism within European societies.

The plan outlines the following focus areas:

  • adjustments to EU-wide and national legislations
  • tackling racism in everyday life by law enforcement authorities and by individuals
  • tackling the underlying problem by changing stereotypes and raising awareness
  • adoption of national action plans; mobilisation at regional and local levels; mainstreaming.
  • positive action by the EU: listening, learning and actin

With the initiative the Commission aims to lead by example on diversity and inclusion.

For more information, please consult the full text of the document.