Eurodiaconia contributed to the newest edition of FEANTSA’s magazine with an article on the energy crisis and its effect on long-term care. FEANTSA is the European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless and a longstanding partner organisation of Eurodiaconia.

In the article, we highlighted that throughout the last three years, long-term care service providers have been under significant pressure due to the COVID pandemic, which has affected their operations, their capacity to retain staff, and in many cases, also their finances. Expenses increased, while income has often been reduced. Now, the next crisis is adding another layer of difficulty to this sector which has already been struggling heavily.

Having followed up with our members over the last months, we have found out that for most not-for-profit long-term care providers, the situation is tense but rarely an existential threat. This is thanks to the recognition that care services are essential and, therefore, a certain number of mechanisms are put in place to continue the services, albeit under constraints.

The current situation shows clearly that adequate financing of social and care services is essential to guarantee that they run smoothly and that the quality, availability and affordability of their services are ensured. For not-for-profit providers, a stable and adjustable financing scheme is vital. Reimbursement levels need to be adjusted regularly but also swiftly in times of crisis, as reserves are quickly used, and service providers are then faced with existential threats

You can read the article here and access the full magazine here