The European Commission has revealed its proposal for a Child Guarantee Roadmap and is seeking feedback from civil society organisations. The Child Guarantee is an initiative meant to ensure that all children in Europe who are at risk of poverty, social exclusion, or are otherwise disadvantaged, have access to good quality essential services such as education, healthcare, nutrition, housing, culture and leisure activities. The initiative is expected to reduce the gap between children in need and their (better off) peers in terms of access to a set of key services and contribute to ensuring equal opportunities for children in the EU. The goal of the Child Guarantee is to break the cycle of poverty faced by millions of children, and contribute to building resilient societies across the EU

This roadmap is open for feedback for 7 weeks between August 19th and October 7th. Feedback will be taken into account for further development and fine tuning of the initiative. The Commission will summarise the input received in a synopsis report explaining how the input will be taken on board and, if applicable, why certain suggestions can’t be taken up.


For more information, please visit the Commission’s website.