the EU flag behind a fenceIn December the European institutions reached a political agreement over the budgetary priorities of EU asylum, migration and integration policies over the next seven years.

The renewed Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), part of the Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027, will amount to €9.882 billion in current prices and will contribute to:

  • Strengthening the common asylum policy;
  • Developing legal migration in line with the member states’ economic and social needs;
  • Supporting third-country nationals to effectively integrate and be socially included;
  • Contributing to the fight against irregular migration.

Other objectives include ensuring that those without a right to stay in the EU are returned and readmitted in an effective, safe and dignified way and supporting those people to begin reintegrating in non-EU countries to which they have been returned.

Most of the funds (63.5%) will be allocated to programmes that are jointly managed by the EU and the member states. The other 36.5% will be directly managed by the EU and dedicated, among other actions, to emergency assistance, resettlement and humanitarian admission from non-EU countries and to relocate asylum-seekers and refugees to other EU member states, “as part of solidarity efforts”.

MEPs managed to increase the sum that EU countries will receive for every resettled person (€10.000, up from the €7.000 intended by the Council), the same amount they will get for every person relocated from another member state. While in 2014-2020 countries did not receive funds for humanitarian admission, they will now obtain €6.000 for every person they welcome under this mechanism (€8.000 if it is a vulnerable person).


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