Today, Eurodiaconia published a Briefing for Members on the EU’s Anti-Racism Action Plan 2020 – 2025. The action plan was developed in addition to the European Commission’s already established work programme, in recognition of the need to address structural racism within the EU.

The briefing guides Eurodiaconia’s members through the action plan, beginning by summarising how the Commission approaches individual & structural racism and the existing EU legal framework. It then goes on to explain the different areas that the Commission defines for addressing racism across the EU: data collection, law enforcement, education, health, housing and employment.  In terms of funding, the Commission proposes to mainstream anti-racism through its already established programmes. The role that Member States have to play is also a key component of the action plan, especially the calls for each Member State to develop and implement a National Action Plan Against Racism, empower Equality Bodies and enable strategic litigation.

Finally, there is an explanation of the work that Eurodiaconia is involved in at an EU-level and ways in which our members can actively join in and connect their own work to the action plan. To learn more, please read the briefing in full here.