Our member The Salvation Army EU Affairs Office has recently taken part in an informative event organised by Serve the City on trafficking.

The event was aimed at raising awareness on the multiple dimensions of human trafficking and its widespread reality, as well as the general lack of knowledge on it and the culture of impunity that may encourage traffickers.

Chaired by Serve the City Director Carlton Deal, the event gathered together several stakeholders engaged in fighting trafficking in human beings. Mrs. Zoi Sakelliadou, EU Commission Policy Officer, presented the work of the European Commission Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, as well as its engagement in monitoring the progress in counteracting human trafficking, and the potential funding opportunities.

The Salvation Army EU was represented by Ruth Stannett and Malaika Oringo, who showed the work of the Army in addressing both causes and consequences of trafficking in the world and the work in Anti Human Trafficking in Europe.

Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers showing kindness in practical ways to people in need.

Find out more about the event on The Salvation Army EU Affairs Office website.