diaconia valedes immigrant

In the light of the difficulties being faced by the migrants who were halted recently near the French border at the Italian town of Ventimiglia, the Diaconia Valdese has launched a fund raising initiative to be able to buy some basic necessities (food and clothing) for the migrants stuck on the shore. Saturday June 20th, designated by the United Nations as World  Refugee  Day, is a fitting moment for us to show our solidarity with the women and men who have fled from wars and persecution.

The Diaconia Valdese is present and active in the area with its Waldensian Guest House in Vallecrosia. In order to avoid wasting resources and to ensure the maximum efficacy of relief efforts, the food and clothing purchased will be delivered to those in need in cooperation with Caritas organization of the Diocese of Ventimiglia which works directly with migrants in the area.

For further information, contact: Diaconia Valdese, Servizio Richiedenti Asilo e Rifugiati at migranti@diaconiavaldese.org  or telephone +39 0121 953 122