In Spain, the devastating impact of suicide is undeniable, with an average of 11 lives lost each day and over 80,000 suicide attempts every year. These alarming statistics demand urgent action from society as a whole. Responding to this crisis, Diaconia España, a dedicated member organization, has launched the Zoé Project—a powerful initiative aimed at promoting practical actions for suicide prevention. 

Raising Awareness 

The Zoé Project takes center stage in raising awareness and fostering a sense of social responsibility to prevent suicide. This vital initiative strives to provide valuable content on suicide detection and prevention to the general public while also delivering specialized training to professionals who work with vulnerable individuals. By sensitizing society, Diaconia España aims to ignite a collective effort in preventing suicide. 

Supporting and Empowering Professionals 

Recognizing the pivotal role of professionals in suicide prevention, the Zoé Project offers comprehensive resources and training programs. These invaluable tools are designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify warning signs and provide appropriate support. Diaconia España’s focus extends to vulnerable social groups, including children, adolescents, the elderly, refugees, migrants, victims of trafficking, and individuals at risk of social exclusion. Leveraging their extensive experience, the organization provides tailored solutions within the realm of social care. 

Advocating for Comprehensive Suicide Prevention 

The Zoé Project is not limited to awareness and information provision; it recognizes the importance of institutional advocacy. Diaconia España strives to identify and address the shortcomings in current suicide prevention efforts, proposing practical solutions to engage the administration in a comprehensive approach. Through these advocacy efforts, the organization aims to bring about tangible change and make a significant impact in reducing suicide rates. 

Leaving No One Behind 

Diaconia España stands firmly committed to leaving no individual behind in its suicide prevention efforts. The Zoé Project serves as an embodiment of this commitment, actively contributing to the ongoing process of social care. By recognizing the power of collaboration, the organization leverages its expertise and experience to support often-overlooked social groups. Prioritizing vulnerable individuals, Diaconia España aims to create a profound and meaningful difference in their lives. 

Continuing the Fight: Diaconia School Suicide Prevention Course  

To further strengthen their suicide prevention efforts, Diaconia España offers a specialized suicide prevention course through the Diaconia School. This comprehensive program provides individuals with the necessary training, skills, and resources to effectively intervene and prevent suicides. By promoting awareness and intervention, Diaconia España ensures that more people are equipped to contribute to suicide prevention. 

The Zoé Project by Diaconia España fearlessly confronts the urgent issue of suicide prevention in Spain. Through awareness-raising, empowering professionals, advocating for comprehensive approaches, and collaborating with vulnerable social groups, they strive to make a lasting impact. With an unwavering commitment to leaving no one behind, Diaconia España addresses this critical social problem, working tirelessly to alleviate the profound suffering caused by suicide. Let’s stand together and support their efforts during the European Week of Mental Health. Mental health is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all. By joining forces, we can save lives, bring hope, and work towards a future free from the grip of suicide. 

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