This week, as you read this, people across the European Union will have or will be planning to vote in the European Parliament Elections. This is a pivotal time for the European Union and we, as citizens and residents in Europe, need to take our responsibility for the future of our Union seriously. Much faith has been lost in our political institutions but we have the possibility to contribute to reversing that. We can use our vote to choose solidarity, to choose inclusion, to choose fairness and a reduction in inequalities. We can choose to ensure young people get opportunities for education, employment, and training and that children are safe both online and in real life. We can use our vote to put in public office those who embrace diversity rather than pursuing a path of ‘othering’ and where there are constructive and considered responses to the humanitarian and political challenges facing Europe. It is #TimeToVote. It is #TimeToVote for a Europe that represents and addresses our concerns and interests – but only if we take the #TimeToVote. At Eurodiaconia we will be monitoring the elections to see who will be our allies in the next European Parliament and what the results mean for our work in ensuring quality social services and social justice for all. Please vote and use the opportunity you have to shape a European Union that embodies what diaconal organisations stand for – empowerment, reconciliation and transformation. The European Union needs transformation and reconciliation and we, as voters, are empowered to bring about that change.

Have a good weekend,