speech bubbles, megaphones and headphonesThis week has seen Eurodiaconia launch three publications designed to bring our members experience and views on key areas of social Europe. Focusing on the effect of COVID-19 on social services, on the need for greater financial inclusion policies, and on the new proposal for addressing the discrimination and social disadvantages experienced by Roma people they provide blueprints for how a more social Europe is of benefit to all.

Our members experience is key to the work we do. Daily they see the structural and systemic challenges faced by many in our societies. They provide support, services, empowerment activities, and advocate with and for people in all our communities. Their views matter and must be listened to too. Our publications provide valuable input for our partners and for those with decision making power to see what could be done if we have ambition and common goals.

Listening and understanding what is happening in our societies is more important than ever. As the social, economic, and financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis develops we need to be brave in putting forward innovative and ambitious actions that really make a difference. We cannot continue with ‘business as usual’. We need to work in true partnership with those such as our members who are seeing the needs and have solutions to propose. I hope that what we have published this week will prompt those needed conversations at national and European level.

Have a good weekend,