migrants-hungary-eu-fenceI am always impressed by the flexibility and dynamism of the members of Eurodiaconia. This week I was speaking to members from Norway who are extending the vision of their organisation to create innovative care services for older people and potentially developing an education service that can support young people from high school direct to the labour market.  Another member from Sweden was telling me how they are responding to the migrant and refugee situation but starting new work with unaccompanied minors. Neither of these are small tasks but each organisation is committed to meeting the needs that exist now and that are likely to continue being needed in the future.

I wish the same could be said about the European Institutions.  This week there is yet another European Council meeting where much of the discussion will be about migration. It seems that every few weeks there are new plans, or renewed commitments and more declarations. Yet in the Balkans, in Greece, in Italy there are still many many people arriving and travelling precarious routes daily.  There is still a lack of clarity as to the application of EU laws and an apparent disregard for the social needs of those ‘en route’. That is why this week we joined with 4 other Ecumenical organisations to call on the European Council to ensure ambitious and implementable actions that respect both the rule of law and human dignity. You can read our press release and letter here.

Our members can respond to the emerging and urgent needs of people in Europe – why can’t our political leaders and institutions do the same?

Have a good weekend