Late last month, our Supervisory Board has approved the application for membership of Caritas Foundation (Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of Oulu).

Caritas Foundation is a Finnish non for profit foundation founded in 1998 in Oulu (FI) by the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of Oulu. The organization is active in Oulu region and in Rovaniemi in the field of elderly and disability care and support. It currently employs 500 social workers (mainly nurses) and 80 volunteers.

The aim of Caritas Foundation is to sustain and improve the living conditions and rehabilitation of elderly and people with disability in the spirit of diaconia. Caritas Foundation constantly cooperates with the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of Oulu to also provide its users with spiritual and religious support.

Our new member provides different services to elderly people and people with disabilities such as: Nursing homes for people with memory disorders and disabilities, as well as for people with neurological disorders and long-term injuries; home care services; household assistance for senior; rehabilitation centres; social restaurants.

In their application form Caritas Foundation states that they wish to have membership of Eurodiaconia because:

We think it is important to join the European diaconal family to change the ideas and experiences of our diaconal work. Our organization is young, only twenty years old. We think that we are now ready to look not only at our own region but also at a wider picture, and to share different methods and practices. We could bring together the ideas of Scandic diaconia to the European discussion. We also expect to gain new ideas and new understanding by joining Eurodiaconia.”


Thank you for your trust as we work all together to put diaconal values in motion. Tervetullut!