Our Supervisory Board has approved the application for membership of the Greek Evangelical Church.

The diaconal work of our new member the Greek Evangelical Church is run by its two NGOs Perichoresis and Faros in the Thessaloniki and Athens regions. The organisations are mainly active in the field of food bank, day and night minor migrants shelters, refugees and asylum seekers support, training centers, and long-term care. They currently employ 80 social workers and about 50 volunteers.

The aim of the diaconal work of the Greek Evangelical Church is to help relieve people in need by addressing the root causes of poverty and exclusion. Through its clear Christian approach, Perichoresis and Faros work on a daily basis to sustain and improve the living and spiritual conditions of migrants, elderly people and people experiencing poverty in Greece in the spirit of diaconia. This approach has become even more necessary after the economic crisis and the following austerity measures that have been struck the country since 2008.

Our new member provides different services to people in need in Greece such as food banks; day and night centers for minor migrants; facilities for asylum seekers, and a nursing home.

In its application form, the Greek Evangelical Church states that they wish to have membership of Eurodiaconia because: “We wish to become part of a wide European diaconal network to benefit from the expertise and skills of sister organisations, as well as to share our know-how, passion and spiritual journey with other members.”

Thank you for your trust as we work all together to put diaconal values in motion. ΚΑΛΏΣ ΉΡΘΑΤΕ!