Our mission

Eurodiaconia is a network of 51 churches and Christian organizations that provide social and health care services and advocate for social justice. Together we work for just and transformative social change across Europe, leaving no-one behind.

Our Vision

Driven by our Christian faith, our vision is of a Europe where each person is valued for their inherent God-given worth and dignity and where our societies guarantee social justice for all people, including the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Our strategic goals to accomplish this mission are:


Enabling membership engagement and partnerships

Our members are experts in social service provision. We provide them with opportunities to exchange their expertise and facilitate partnerships.


Creating a network of competence to impact social policies in Europe

Our members want to bring about positive change and impact social policy to empower the most marginalised in our society. We give them the tools to do so.

Identity and values

Supporting reflections on Diaconia in Europe today

Our members are provided with opportunities to reflect on the role of faith in social care and together we develop resources to support the relationship between Diaconia and the Church, and Diaconia and the wider society.

To voice our members’ experiences and approaches, topical networks are one of our main tools. Through these networks, we bring together the expertise of our members by consulting them on EU policy developments and organising face-to-face meetings.

Areas of work Staff member
 Marginalisation and Social Exclusion, Access to Employment, Urban areas stefan.kitzmann@eurodiaconia.org
 Migration, Roma gabriela.agatiello@eurodiaconia.org
 Healthy Ageing and Long-Term Care, Europe 2020 laura.rayner@eurodiaconia.org
 Faith in Social Care heather.roy@eurodiaconia.org
 Funding, Youth, Research and Practice florian.tuder@eurodiaconia.org
Social Pillar, SDGs kenia.guimaraes@eurodiaconia.org
 Administration and Events Organisation virginia.demoulin@eurodiaconia.org
 Communications, Contacts with Members and Enlargement antonio.lamantia@eurodiaconia.org