The World Council of Churches (WCC) and Action by Churches Together (ACT) have released a major publication on ecumenical Diakonia, now available in German. Titled “Called to Transforming Discipleship: Ecumenical Diakonia,” the publication delves into the significance of Diakonia, which is the act of service and care for those in need.

The joint efforts of the WCC and ACT, both global organizations committed to promoting justice, peace, and reconciliation through faith-based actions, have resulted in this comprehensive resource that analyzes the role of Diakonia in the Christian faith and how it can address the social, economic, and political challenges of our time.

The German translation is significant as it makes the publication more accessible to German-speaking communities and promotes the concept of Diakonia in Germany and beyond. The publication is divided into six chapters, each exploring different aspects of Diakonia, from its biblical origins and theological foundations to the challenges and opportunities of Diakonia in the contemporary world.

The publication is intended for theologians, church leaders, social activists, and members of faith-based organizations and provides practical guidelines for promoting Diakonia at local, national, and global levels. The release of the German version of the publication is part of the WCC and ACT’s ongoing efforts to promote Diakonia and encourage Christian communities to serve and care for those in need.

The publication provides a comprehensive resource for exploring the concept of Diakonia and its practical applications in the contemporary world. It is a valuable resource for those interested in promoting justice, peace, and reconciliation through acts of service and care for those in need.

You can read the publication here.