Our member Diaconia Valdese’s recent achievement of the UNI/PdR 125:2022 certification from Bureau Veritas is a significant milestone in the organization’s ongoing commitment to gender equality. This certification recognizes the organisation’s efforts to create an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace with a focus on empowering women and reducing the gender gap in terms of professional growth and pay.

Diaconia Valdese has been attentive to gender equality for decades and this certification reinforces the value of their commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusiveness. The certification evaluates various aspects of the organization, including positions of responsibility, wages, language, attendance at conferences, disciplinary measures, permits, and work-life balance, with a view to reducing any gender disparities.While this certification represents a significant milestone, it is only the beginning of a continuous improvement process aimed at promoting gender equality.

Monica Fabbri, a member of the Synodal Commission for Diaconia, expressed pride in the organization’s achievement, noting that it represents a recognition of the values that Diaconia Valdese has always believed in.

This achievement represents a significant milestone in Diaconia Valdese’s commitment to gender equality. This accomplishment highlights the responsibility that organizations have to create equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplaces. It should serve as an inspiration for other organizations to prioritize gender equality and take concrete steps towards promoting it in their own workplaces and beyond.

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