Eurodiaconia Social Policy Days

Strengthening Social Europe

7th and 8th November 2023


About the Event

With the European elections in 2024 around the corner, this event serves as a timely platform for dialogue between members of Eurodiaconia, representatives of the European Institutions, partner organizations, and like-minded stakeholders. At a time when the majority of Europeans voice their concerns about the rising cost of living and increasing poverty, our commitment to strengthening Social Europe has never been more significant. 

Event Highlights: 

  • Engaging debates on how the upcoming European Parliament Elections might shape the future of Social Europe. 
  • Launch of our report on sustainable housing solutions and addressing homelessness.
  • Insightful discussions aimed at improving the living conditions and access to adequate housing of the Roma population in Europe.
  • A deep dive into the realm of social and sustainable public procurement. 
  • Exploring the challenges of implementing the Green Deal within the context of social service provision. 


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Roundtable discussions

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To Shape a more inclusive, socially just Europe

More Information

Limited financial support is available for eligible Eurodiaconia members to cover transport and
accommodation. For more information, please consult our rules for financial reimbursement here.
If you would like to benefit from financial support, please register and than contact our Head of Operations Andrea Witt
(, as soon as possible.