The 10th meeting of the European Platform for Roma Inclusion took place in Brussels from 29-30 November 2016. The objective of the Platform is to bring together all the stakeholders involved in the Roma integration process at European, national and regional/local level.

In addressing Roma integration, all stakeholders play different roles depending on their mandates, competences and capacities. In the previous years the Commission witnessed significant steps taken in developing policy, legal and funding instruments and coordination structures with the aim to improve the situation of Roma in Europe. However, there is still a long way to go to ensure real change in the life of Roma communities on the ground.

Over the last years, developments in Roma inclusion have partially lost the momentum, especially due to a rise of diffused anti-gypsyism, which legitimises police brutality, ethnic profiling and criminalisation, forced evictions, media demonisation and violence.

Eurodiaconia, along with several Civil Society organisations joining the European Platform for Roma Inclusion, co-signed a letter condemning the growing anti-Roma intolerance in the politics’ environment, and at the same time the lack of a concrete response both at EU and national level, which decreases the legitimacy of all pro-Roma decisions regarding legislation, policies, funding, and practices.

Check out the Civil Society letter to the commission and the Commission response (EN)

Check out the report of  the European Platform for Roma Inclusion (EN)

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The next Eurodiaconia Roma network meeting will take place on the third week of October, and will be hosted by our member organisation Diaconía España in Madrid, Spain.