2016-06-20_17h46_15The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment of the Netherlands have recently published within the 2016 Dutch EU Presidency a booklet titledIntegrated approaches to combating poverty and social exclusion.‘’

The publication is a collection of innovative best practices from all over Europe for integrated approaches to combat poverty and social exclusion. Those practices are sorted by country, and provide the readers a short description of the project, explaining which elements make it an integrated approach and why it is considered as a best practice.

Two of our members, Diakonie ECCB (CZ) and Stockholm City Mission (SE) are mentioned in the booklet.

In her introduction, Jetta Klijnsma, Secretary of State for Employment and Social Affairs of the Netherlands, said: ‘’I made the fight against poverty one of the priorities of the Dutch EU Presidency, resulting in this booklet, as part of the Council Conclusions on ‘Combating poverty and social exclusion: an integrated approach’. The Council Conclusions recognise the multidimensional nature of poverty and advocate combating poverty through an integrated approach as described above. By adopting these conclusions, all Member States have shown a renewed commitment to increasing their efforts to reduce the number of people living in poverty or social exclusion.’’

Find the booklet here (EN).