img_1277On 13 and 14 October 2016, Eurodiaconia held its annual Roma network meeting in Uppsala. The meeting was hosted and co-organised by the Church of Sweden. The focus of the meeting was to explore the role which diaconal actors can play in tackling Anti-Gypsyism, which is increasingly recognised as a core obstacle to achieving social inclusion for Roma. Over the course of two days, participants from all parts of Europe explored the meaning of the term ‘Anti-Gypsyism’, the role of different categories of actors and concrete projects uniting service provision with anti-discrimination actions. The report of the event is now available here.

Eurodiaconia’s ‘Guidelines on tackling Anti-Gypsyism’, drafted on the basis of member input during the Network meeting, will be published soon. In case you would like to provide input to the draft version, please click here. If you have comments or questions, please contact Stephan at