On 13th of July, The Council of Ministers adopted the final country-specific recommendations, thereby ending the 2018 European Semester. These recommendations provide policy guidance tailored to each EU country on how to boost jobs and growth while maintaining sound public finances. Eurodiaconia’s analysis shows that this year’s recommendations focus more than ever before on social reforms.

Following the publication of the country reports on 7 March 2018, Eurodiaconia asked its members for feedback, together with the recommendations they would like the Commission to give to their government. The document titled “Better social reforms to foster sustainable growth” therefore compares these recommendations to the draft CSRs published on 23 May, and gives a general analysis of the employment, social, and health aspects of these CSRs, in line with the European Pillar of Social Rights.

We advise our members to send the letter below to their ministries of social affairs (translated if necessary), drawing their attention to the recommendations they find most important and insisting for them to be complied with.


To know more about EU economic and social convergence, check final country-specific recommendations.

To know more about our members’ feedback, have a look at our publication Better social reforms to foster sustainable growth.

Fill in the letter to your ministry of social affairs.