The European Semester is an annual cycle of policy coordination which the European Commission uses to analyse EU Member States’ economic and budgetary policy and to provide recommendations for future reforms. It is important for Eurodiaconia because it is meant to support Member States in achieving the targets of Europe2020, and can have a serious impact on poverty and social exclusion policies.

In our 8th edition of the European Semester Quarterly (ESQ) we have a look back to the most recent developments, but overall we tried to give readers the necessary tools to prepare the next year. Throughout the year we have broadened the scope of this publication to introduce also the European Pillar of Social Rights. On the 17 November this Social Pillar has been proclaimed by all three European Institutions at the Social Summit in Gothenburg. It was the first Social Summit in more than 20 years and Eurodiaconia had the opportunity to take part as part of a delegation of civil society organisations.

We saw a lot of positive evolution  in 2017 and willingness from the side of the European Commission to bring forward the social aspect of the European Union. However, everything will depend on the implementation on national level and so far, it remains unclear how committed Member States are in implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights.

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