snowy treesEurodiaconia and some of its members have joined hands to create a short video honouring the enormous contribution of diaconal workers to our societies in these trying times of global pandemic.

While in the early days of the outbreak, societies’ focus was primarily on healthcare workers, as events unfolded the role of social workers and care givers was also recognised as a key factor in response and protection. Over the course of 2020, diaconal work received more and more acknowledgement as an indispensable part of ensuring fragile groups are taken care of. Diaconal institutions were credited as one of the key allies fighting the social and economic ills stemming from the outbreak.

As vaccines are being rolled out and we can begin to turn the page on the virus, politicians and societies are shifting their focus to the social and economic consequences of the pandemic. In this regard, the role of diaconal institutions as carers for vulnerable and marginalised groups is expected to become increasingly important in the years to come.

At this turning point we wanted to take a moment and show our members’ social workers and volunteers that their devotion, dedication, care and support has been noticed and appreciated. With this video we wanted to pay tribute to the hope and love and faith they bring to a polarized and unstable world.


You can watch the video on our Vimeo channel.