The European Commission ‘’European Web Site on Integration’’ is a useful instrument that regularly showcases migrant integration information and good practices. It recently launched a new online tool to monitor the implementation of EU’s Action Plan for the integration of third country nationals. This dashboard provides an overview of the different actions, categorized by theme (such as ‘’education’’, ‘’labour market’’, ‘’basic services’’, etc). It enables users to quickly understand for each theme what are the policies, resources and funding opportunities available and what has been the concrete application so far.

This tool might be interesting for Eurodiaconia members as it gives a concrete view of the potential impact of the integration action plan, for instance by displaying what advocacy and funding tools are available for organisations such as Eurodiaconia members, to facilitate their work on integration.


To know more about the integration of third country nationals, please visit the European Web Site on Integration and New tool on the implementation of the 2016-2017 Integration Action Plan.