Eurodiaconia has published a report on “An Action Plan on the Social Economy – an opportunity for Social Services and Inclusion”.

As we have already contributed to the consultation to the proposed Action Plan through Social Economy Europe and Social Services Europe – this publication focuses primarily on issues common to our membership as providers of social services within the social economy.

There is no denying that a European Action Plan for the social economy will be a crucial tool in marrying the social economy with many of the socio-economic policies of the European Union. Therefore it’s vital that our Members who are actively engaged in the social economy are recognised as social enterprises and provided with the support they need to maximise their potential.

After 15-months of many of our Members adapting to and providing additional social services to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, making their voices heard is now more important than ever.

Read our report to learn about the key challenges our Members face as social service providers, alongside key recommendations for how they can be better recognised and supported as part of a social economy in Europe.